Special finishing wax containing acrylic polymers dispersed in water. Ideal for indoor decorations with a satin-finished marble effect. Can be applied on tempera, washable surfaces, quartz, spatula-applied fillers and lime based products. For professional use. Main Properties: Protective treatment, Satin finish effect Colour Range: Transparent Type of Equipment: Brush (Klimt Brush), steel trowel (Pollock Stainless Steel trowel), glove (Matisse Glove, Miró Glove). Diluted With: Water Dilution: Maximum 15% = 150 ml per litre of product with spatula: ready to use Coverage: With the application of 1 coat: 6-8 mq/l (65-86 sq ft/l) Coverage per Pack: (5 l): 40 mq, approx. Coverage varies according to substrate absorption.

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