"Two-pack epoxy resin-based formulation containing mineral fillers and powder extenders, specifically: a) when used ‘as is’ or diluted by a maximum of 15%: to promote adhesion of subsequent phases to the substrateb) with the addition of Quarzo 06 Met: to create base skim coats for the resin-based Metropolis® Resins flooring line. For professional use. Main Properties: Fixing Primer; Adhesion promoter Colour Range: Neutral Type of Equipment: Short-haired wool roller (Magritte Roller), 6mm notched trowel (Kandinsky Trowel) or bubble-buster roller (Klee Roller) Diluted With: Diluente per Epossidici (Ivas) Dilution: As adhesion promoter: max 15%; as skimming base coat: Ready to use Coverage: As adhesion promoter (A + B): 3.3 mq/kg (35,5 sq ft/Kg); as skimming base coat (A+B+C): 0.60 mq/kg per 2 mm of thickness Coverage per Pack: Coverage varies depending on substrate absorption and type of application

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