Multi-purpose skim coat containing quartz of controlled particle size and additives aimed at making application easier dispersed in a synthetic base. Suited for decorative, thin skimming on walls and floors. For indoor use.For professional use.
Main properties:
For decorative floors High resistance
Colour range:
Metroresin colour charts
Type of Equipment:
Stainless steel trowel (Pollock Stainless Steel trowel), plastic trowel (Gauguin Plastic Trowel)
Diluted with:
Walls: First coat ready to use; second coat ready to use Floors: First coat of neutral METRORESIN BODY diluted to 5% with Resin Primer which, in turn, is diluted to 1:4 with water + 20% of Quarzo 06 Met Second coat of coloured, ready to use METRORESIN BODY. Third coat (if necessary) of coloured, ready to use METRORESIN BODY (in the desired colour, which can be the same or in contrast to the previous colour).
METRORESIN BODY containing Quarzo 06 quartz extender and diluted with Resin Primer: 0.8 mq/Kg per mm of thickness Second coat: 1.25 mq/Kg Third coat: 3.3 mq/Kg Wall coverage First coat: 2 mq/Kg / Second coat: 3.3 mq/Kg
Coverage per pack:
Coverage varies greatly depending on roughness of the substrate and the application procedure.

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