“Colour Dreams is the chromatic manifestation of who I am. I have always had a strong connection with nature, and the poetics of my works are usually inspired by elements drawn from plants, animals and nature itself and I believe that nothing conveys tranquillity and a sense of well-being better than they do. 

This is why, in creating the new colours for Metropolis, I imagined the reflections and nuances of materials with which man has a deep and ancestral relationship: the hues of terracotta, wood, stone, chalk, earth as well as shades of green and blue.

They are colours that epitomise craftsmanship, artistry, architectural design and at the same time our belonging to the natural world. When I imagine them applied to an interior environment I have the immediate perception of a cosy space in which to spend time in harmony”.


On the occasion of the 70th anniversary of the founding of the Ivas Group, Metropolis presents Colour Dreams: a unique collection of original colours and suggestions for interiors, designed and created by Marcantonio, one of the leading international designers.

Working closely with the Research and Development department, the artist conceived and developed a colour for each year of the company’s activity, resulting in 70 + 1 brand new colour formulations, exclusively for the Metropolis brand.

Colour Dreams represents a sophisticated and innovative collection of colours, created by an artist of excellence in the sector, and is a valuable tool for choosing the most effective shades for improving the feeling of well-being in the home.

The author of the colour project

Marcantonio Raimondi Malerba, born in 1976, attended the Institute of Art and Academy of Fine Arts in Ravenna. After graduating, he began working as a theatre set designer and collaborated with a number of architects. A sculptor, painter, illustrator, designer and multi-talented artist, Marcantonio soon began to produce unique design works alongside his artistic creations. Over time, his diverse talents began to intertwine and his designs were increasingly influenced by artistic concepts. 

Today Marcantonio is one of the most successful designers in Italy and abroad. He regularly collaborates with the most important fashion and interior design brands (Armani, Seletti, Qeeboo, Natuzzi, etc.) and creates works, sculptures, objets d’art and design projects on commission all over the world. 

Discover the 70+1 colours of the Colour Dreams Card

The colors presented are purely indicative, do not constitute an exact correspondence
Luxury, modernity and colour for interiors

Colour Dreams is the tool dedicated to interior colour design, which the emotional experiece of interior design to the center of the creative and design process.

70+1 chromatic collections of modern colours and matching tips to get unique interior walls style, await you in the dedicated brochure.

Colour Dreams is the top-of-the-range line for high-quality interiors, a collection of technogical and aesthetic excellence finishes for surfaces.
It represents an affirmation of style and refinement, it revolutionizes the way of living the colour, giving new chromatic emotions.

This exclusive collectios of solution is customizable in multiple shades, ranging from reassuring pastel dreams to more bold chromatic adventures. Colour Dreams consists of washable paints and water-based enalmes, certified, respectful of the environment and the well-being of living; they are divided into two categories: colour dreams latex and colour dreams emulsion.