Thick textured coating for textured, decorative finishes. Breathable, water-repellent, flexible, for thick aplication, also able to cover evident substrate unevenness. Film protected from algae, mold and microorganisms attack; suitable for external insulation system. Main Properties: Textured finish; suitable as a finish for Termok8 systems. Colour Range: White and colours that can be achieved with the YouColor tinting system Type of Equipment: stainless steel trowel (Pollock Strainless Steel trowel), marine sponge (Dalì Sponge), pad (Mondrian Pad, Warhol Pad, Renoir Pad, picasso Pad), roller (Degas Roller, Monet Roller). Dilution: ready to use; add a little water if necessary to achieve the right consistency. Coverage: (two coats): 0.45 mq/kg Coverage per pack: (25kg) 11.4 mq. Coverage varies according to the roughness of the substrate

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