Brilliant transparent topcoat to be applied as a d ecorative protective finish on TERMOK8 Design cycl es.Based on resins and special pigments. Suitable for giving a sparkling aspect with a high iridesce nt effect. Film protected from algae, mold and mic roorganisms attack; suitable for external insulati on systems. For professional use. For outdoors.
Main properties:
Protective Water repel lent Iridescent
Colour range:
Transpa rent
Type of Equipment:
brush (Klimt Brush), roller (Magritte Roller)
Diluted wit h:
0% to 20% w ith water depending on the substrate type and the effect required.
With the a pplication of 1 coat: 9-11 mq/l (97-118 sq ft/l)Coverage per pack:
(15 l): 138 - 168 m q, approx. Coverage varies according to substrate absorption.

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