Streaked is the three-dimensional material enhanced by its shadow effects: the light sculpts the texture creating monochromatic contrasts and returning deep and changeable vertical ones. Streaked is an effect that animates the façade architecture and finds its ideal completion in the total white style.

Products used
Metro Tex- Recommended use (three coats):  3.3 kg/m2 - colours available: white, colours from the IVAS Selezione K colour chart (excluding the Reflect colours), and colours that can be produced using the You Color tinting system.
Application procedure
STEP 1: apply the 1st skim coat of Metro Tex with a stainless steel trowel.
STEP 2: when dry, apply a 2nd skim coat.
STEP 3: when dry, apply an abundant 3rd coat and apply a lined effect vertically with the decorative pad (optional: during drying, use the trowel to smooth the ripples).
Pollock Stainless steel Trowel, Mondrian Decorative Pad.


The proposed solutions are also applicable on external walls with a thermal insulation system.