Travertino defines the texture of Italian limestone rocks and the legendary style of ancient Rome by transposing on the façade the places, the history and the substance of a timeless material. 

Products used
Factor Ext. - Recommended use (two coats):  2.2 kg/m2 - colours available: white, colours from the IVAS Selezione K colour chart (excluding the Reflect colours), and colours that can be produced using the You Color tinting system.
Materia Romana Finitura  - Recommended use (one coat) 0.7 l/m2 - colours available: Materia Naturale colour chart.  Can be coloured by tinting machine.
Application procedure
STEP 1: apply the 1st skim coat of Factor Ext. with a stainless steel trowel.
STEP 2: when dry, apply a 2nd coat and work with the decorative pad to create the characteristic veining.  During drying, smooth and compact the most obvious ripples with the trowel to achieve the desired tactile effect.
STEP 3: apply 1 coat of Materia Romana Finitura using a roller, removing any surplus with a sponge.
Pollock Stainless Steel Trowel, Mondrian Decorative Pad, Magritte Roller, Velasquez Sponge.


The proposed solutions are also applicable on external walls with a thermal insulation system.