Urban represents the materic suggestions of the Urban Effects line of Metropolis by Ivas, a collection of thick metropolitan-inspired textures perfect for personalizing the façade design and enhance the creativity of designers and decorators. 

Products used
Factor Ext.- Recommended use (two coats):  2.2 kg/m2 - colours available: white, colours from the IVAS Selezione K colour chart (excluding the Reflect colours), and colours that can be produced using the You Color tinting system.
Hot Metal Ext.  - Recommended use (one coat) 0.11 l/m2 - colours available: Hot Metal colour chart, Colours produced with Base G. Can be coloured by tinting machine.
Application procedure
STEP 1: apply the 1st skim coat of Factor Ext. with a trowel.
STEP 2: when dry, apply a 2nd coat of Factor Ext. and create the chipped effect on the fresh coat by dabbing with the Dalì Marine Sponge and scraping with a decorative pad. After about 10-15 minutes, spray water and smooth the surface with a trowel to compact the ripples.
STEP 3: when dry, apply one coat of Hot Metal Ext. with a roller and glaze the surface with the Dalì Marine Sponge, depending on the desired intensity.
Pollock Stainless Steel Trowel, Dalí Marine Sponge, Mondrian decorative Pad, Magritte Roller.


The proposed solutions are also applicable on external walls with a thermal insulation system.