Brushed concrete interprets the slightly material texture of industrial microcement, giving the charm of tone-on-tone chromatic variations and the image of a strong, powerful and lasting substance on the surfaces. 

Products used
Factor Ext. - Recommended use (two coats):  2.2 kg/m2 - colours available: white, colours from the IVAS Selezione K colour chart (excluding the Reflect colours), and colours that can be produced using the You Color tinting system.
Hot Metal Ext.- Recommended use (one coat) 0.11 l/m2 - colours available: Hot Metal colour chart, Colours produced with Base G. Can be coloured by tinting machine.
Application procedure
STEP 1: apply the 1st skim coat of Factor Ext. with a stainless steel trowel.
STEP 2: when dry, apply a 2nd skim coat, creating the typical brushed concrete effect using the edge of the spatula.  During drying, smooth using the trowel.
STEP 3:  (optional for greater depth of effect and surface protection) glaze with Hot Metal Ext. using a sponge.
Pollock Stainless Steel Trowel, Velasquez Sponge.


The proposed solutions are also applicable on external walls with a thermal insulation system.